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Toilet Cubicle Supplier
Toimanz Sdn Bhd, one of the leading specialist and contractors in design, supply and install of toilet cubicle system. Offering wide ranges of cubicle, changing room, shower cubicle, as well as custom cubicle based upon High Pressure phenolic compact laminate board for lavatory sector. Our systems provide the qualities of durability, wear and humidity resistant, and it's easy to maintain. Our entire products available in a range of colors and designs including solid, dust, wood grain, aluminum effect, customize design and layout to meet the growing market requirement today.

About materials, Phenolic compact laminate are Non corrosive, Anti-static, Resistance on wearing, impact, heat, moisture and steam is used for main structure, it's come with heavy duty, non corrosive aluminum for support fittings. It's also optional with non corrosive full Nylon and heavy duty stainless steel accessories.

About project, a numbers of skillful installer is ready to provide installation, repair and maintenance. With our experience profession background, it does always help us to work out with our customers in on time delivery, encounter project issues and always solved in the best way.

Toimanz Sdn Bhd, your trusted partner in toilet matters.

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